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I welcome ACCFIN4001 research proposals within the finance and financial economics pathways, more specifically:

  • Macro-Finance
  • Financial Valuation
  • Banking and Financial Intermediation

Theoretical founcations, empirical setting and databases.

You are expected to adhere to ACCFIN4001 course guidelines as characterised by the main dissertation convenor. The following descriptions are applicable only if you choose to develop your dissertation under my supervision.

Research Aim

The aim needs to be within the finance or financial economics pathways. The aim ideally should tackle an interesting whilst feasible topic. The overall objective naturally sits within your interests but also ideally aligned with your future career or graduate studies.

Literature Review

  • Please consider using a reference management software such as EndNote, Mendeley


Depending on your research, it's very likely that you will need to rely on at least one analytical or computational software. Most empirical studies carried out under ACCFIN4001 can be completed in Excel

You can use any software of choice to carry out empirical or analytical computations. However, please ensure your research objectives are inline with your prior software skills. You will be able to develop your software skills particularly if you have prior acquaintance. If you have no or very limited prior experience, please note this in your research proposal so that we can gauge whether the completions can be achieved considering additional training.

  • Higher level computing requirements can be carried out via the university HPC services

University HPC Information

Access to HPC machines are provided for research purposes. You will be able to access these resources depending on your dissertation's computational requirements.

Reading List

Previous Dissertation Topics

  • An Investigation into the Emergence of Fintech and how it has Impacted the UK Banking Industry, as Measured by a Few Specific Indicators
  • Deal or No Deal? Investigating the Effects of the 2008 Financial Crisis on UK M&A Deal Activity
  • Do Female Directors Affect Firm Performance in the UK: A FTSE 350 Investigation